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Today, Authorized Movers is able to offer our commercial clients comprehensive, top-quality solutions to their moving and storage needs. If you are planning an office relocation and you’re thinking about Authorized Movers, you’re already heading in the right direction.

We encourage you to call our office and speak with one of our experienced, certified estimators today. Set up an appointment – at no cost or obligation – and put the commercial moving experts from Authorized Movers to work for you. To help you consider all of the important elements in an office move, we offer the following general advice:

In our business, there are two types of estimates: a non-binding estimate which means your final price will be based on the actual amount of hours and materials used on the job; and a binding estimate which gives you a guaranteed price that won't exceed the amount quoted.
A non-binding estimate is beneficial if:
You are not exactly sure of all the items you are moving ahead of the move date.
You are not sure if you will be ready and may require additional packing help.
3. Your move will involve an unusual amount of details, multiple deliveries, or the handling of sensitive equipment, fine art or antiques that you don't want to rush.
An elevator cannot be made available for exclusive use during part or all of the move.
Construction or other impediments may slow the move progress that the mover will have no control over.
A binding estimate or flat rate is preferable if:
You want to guarantee your budget.
You haven't moved often, and you are not familiar with the moving process.
There are certain requirements you must meet in order to receive a binding estimate:
A detailed inventory in writing must be agreed upon by the client and the mover.
Elevators must be for our exclusive use.
3. Packing, tagging, assembly, disassembly and any other service required must be agreed upon and included in the written binding agreement.
Whichever type of estimate you choose – and whatever mover you work with, we offer you the following helpful hints to ensure yourself a good estimate/moving experience.
  Get reliable recommendations. You MUST check out potential movers through objective sources like the Better Business Bureau or your state’s Department of Transportation. A reputable moving company will be listed with both of these agencies.
  Don't just jump at the lowest price! You need to investigate the estimate to find out if it's realistic. As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  Get at least three estimates. This will allow you to make a fair, objective comparison.
  Compare apples to apples. Break down each mover's estimate into parts and compare them to estimates from other movers. Consider factors like the amount of time and the amount of materials estimated.
  Expect estimates to fall within a reasonable range of each other. A good estimate should be no higher – or lower – than 10 percent of the final cost of the move.

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